Amplight Expansion Project for ADDC and AADC

31 May 2014
Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA)
Abu Dhabi & Al Ain


Technology Partners


carbon monoxide reduced using dimming cabinets


energy consumption saved

Energy saving in Abu Dhabi’s streetlighting control system – a new approach 

As part of the Smart City Concept, Amplex Emirates networked and automated street lighting cabinets scattered all over Abu Dhabi and Al Ain making the system visible from one location. The scope of the project is to control and manage Abu Dhabi’s streetlight system and included 7,700 control cabinets and approximately 500,000 street poles. The project’s main goal is to minimize the invisible losses.

The technology used, Amplight, was by Amplex Denmark a world-leading manufacturer for intelligent power and metering equipment. The project included the complete replacement for abnormal behavior and inaccurate control of the streetlight control cabinets caused by the mechanical timers. The system eliminates the invisible losses caused by day length difference in summer and winter by syncing the light on/ off timings from a centralized server using twilight table. 

Through automation and on-time monitoring, we helped measure the power consumption and maintenance. In addition to the control and monitoring, a dimming solution was integrated with the streetlights to prepare Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure for future dimming applications